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About centerpart

Center goes to edge.


Just don’t be afraid of who you are. right now. 

Don’t lose touch with reality. 

Keep habits of effective writers. At the very least, it will keep you sane when you are alone. 

You are a good person. Believe it and act like it. 


Notebooks and Creative (non-fearful) Thinking

take control. of your own life. the relationships you have. be non-afriad of the things that you’re afraid to do. 



-I was told to think of design ideas in different contexts (spaces) than where I do other sorts of writing, like papers for school (the office) or do things for home, etc. 

-So I’d like to make this a place for design ideas as well. I also think it’s a good idea to have another physical space as well, such as not the laptop that I use to write this from. I do have a notebook for creative ideas, but it’s bigger and chunkier. I want something more light yet substantial, and easy to use.

I am in search for a greater – notebook. 

Goals and Benefits for 2013, The Year Ahead, My Future. My Life.

Creative Outlets: 

-jewelry: designing, making, and giving to others

-cooking: recipes and serving ideas

-think of others and incorporate them when possible. 

Reflection on Benefits and Things For Which I am Grateful: 

-try to do this whenever possible. anytime is a good time. however, you know your ability to put things off that are good for “any”time. so, do this now. right now. no. now. if you cannot, do this at least once a week in a dedicated space or time. 

-call family members and friends, keep in touch. people like you and in a weird way, you owe them something for that. if you’re the type like me who always thinks they are helping but aren’t actually ever told that they’ve helped from others, then it’s time to start reaching out more. and don’t worry: people like it. 

-i.e, give to others

Not Being a Hater: 

-sometimes when we think of ourselves as standing on high moral ground, doing a lot to better ourselves, etc, it begins to be easier and more comfortable seeing others in disparaging ways, from judging their morality as well. Avoid using your own judgments about the benefits of your style; it is your world; theirs is theirs. HOWEVER. Know what you can and cannot tolerate in your world, and what effects each of the different scenarios have on your life. 

-listen to more music that you pick out, that you really like.